Get started!

Are you worried that switching membership systems is a major operation? There have probably been a few problems with the members register over the years and you might have relied too much on memory. Don't worry, we can tidy it up for you! Here is the recipe.



The first time you log in you are asked to accept the terms and conditions (don't let this faze you, if you change your mind you can just let us know).

Next you enter information about the organization. As well as types of membership and prices we need account numbers for payments and a logo if you have one. You may also enter the invoice texts you want, or branches/local departments, reminder procedures, etc.



Select Registration and enter the name of your organization, your own name and e-mail address. You will receive a password by e-mail which you use to log in for the first time.


Off you go!

Zubarus is reasonably self explanatory, and the system can normally be used without any training. We follow you up carefully during the first few days to ensure that everything works.

Membership data can be loaded from a spreadsheet. Read more about how to do this here. Contact us if you have any difficulties and we will load the membership data for you for free. We can also assist you with practical advice on how to clean up outdated or inconsistent data from the data importing process.

It's as simple as that. Good luck!

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